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70 Bulbs for the Future


According to our local weather channel, yesterday was the last 70 degree day that we will see until the middle of next April. That was our cue to get outside and plant the package of 70 tulip bulbs that we picked up at our local Sam’s Club for the bargain price of $14.88.  Because we talked about planting bulbs last year, but we never got around to it.  So this year, we decided to not just be big talkers.

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Ever feel like you married a lumberjack?  I sure did on Saturday as I watched Dain whip out a chainsaw and knock down a forty foot tree in front of a small audience of onlooking neighbors.  I was nervous about the whole situation and had visions of of the tree hitting something unexpected on its way down, but everyone else around (Dain and both of our dads) seemed to think they had a good plan.  And sure enough, Dain executed the plan to perfection, and in a matter of minutes our last eyesore of a tree was down for the count.

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Outside Odds and Ends


In an ideal world, the majority of our outside work would be done by say…June.  To make the summer that much more fun and not as tedious.  But our yard did not get that memo this year.  So we are still tweaking it even in October.  We updated you on our tree removal on Monday, and Dain was back at it again today after a run to our home away from home, the Home Depot.  But thanks to our procrastination, we scored a great deal on two new trees and a shrub to “spruce” up our side yard that leaves a lot to be desired in the aftermath of the big tree incident.  And Dain had time to tackle two other small projects that have been on the back burner.

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Taking Down the Chicken Wing


Because there ain’t no thing like a chicken wing.  Ours just happened to be a tree shaped like a chicken wing that was mauled when our silver maple bit the dust.  And unfortunately, we are still cleaning up after said treetastrophe. Mostly so our neighbor doesn’t try to break up with us.  That would be awkward.  So Dain took matters (and a chainsaw) into his own hands and finally took out our neighbor’s tree turned chicken wing.

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Fall Plant Replacement


Now that most of us here in Minnesota have already had a minor freeze a couple of weeks back, the color in all of our gardens has started to fade quickly. Which is exactly when Minnesotans head to our local home improvement stores and pick up a couple gallons of hardy mums to re-energize our gardens and give them a little more oomph as we go into fall. Continue reading →

A Little Yard Repair


Courtesy of that ridiculously large tree that took a jump out of our yard and into our neighbor’s yard.  It’s never fun to have to do unexpected projects like these, but that’s the name of the game.  So last weekend Dain repaired our neighbor’s yard, and last night after yet another Home Depot run for more topsoil, he went to town trying to repair our yard.  It’s not looking so great after the treetastrophe and subsequent tree removal, but here’s to hoping we can fix it before it’s buried in snow for six months.

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Goodbye Tree, Hello Humongous Stump


Of course our treetastrophe last week struck less than 48 hours before we were scheduled to go on vacation, which had us in even more of a frenzy since we knew we had to take care of it before we left.  You know, so our neighbor could see out her back windows and use her yard.  Unfortunately, the company we settled on couldn’t make it out until last Thursday, the day that we were scheduled to leave our house around 4:30 in the a.m. to catch a flight to Seattle.  They told us that no one needed to be here, but we felt like someone should be in case a) they didn’t show up or b) there was some kind of problem.  We basically just wanted the peace of mind factor so we enlisted a trusty assistant: my mom.  Who was nice enough to drive up from Rochester for the day to be our house sitter/ blog assistant since you know we needed pictures.  Here’s what went down (literally) in our absence.

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When Treetastrophe Strikes


I often joke about the joys of homeownership.  Surprise.  You have to take out a huge concrete staircase because someone attached it to your foundation (recap here).  Surprise. You have sewer water in your basement (recap here).  But the latest one circa yesterday was a doozie.  As in surprise, the humongous tree in your yard cracked in half and fell on your neighbor’s yard.  Seriously homeownership gods? What did we ever do to you?  The theme of all of these unfortunate events we’ve experienced in our house is that they are not only very inconvenient but very expensive to take care of.  This one takes the cake by far.  Sad face. Continue reading →

Rock the Garden


Early in the summer, we did a lot of sprucing up in our front yard (with our landscaping, container garden, and front garden).  Then we just kind of let it ride.  With all of our rain and humidity, our container garden is overflowing, and our plants are loving life.  There’s not too much more we needed to do, but given the opportunity to visit the farm of a family friend this weekend and pick out some rocks for our garden, we had to jump at it.  Thanks to that, we now have three new additions that give our landscaping that extra something. Continue reading →

Garden Crashing


No, we did not physically “crash” into anyone’s yard, but we did think it would be fun to feature one of our favorite gardens.  We were in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota over the weekend to see an amazing Cloud Cult concert, and if you have never heard their music you are missing out.  So you should do something about that.  Pronto.  When we weren’t busy rocking out to Cloud Cult, we snapped a few photos of my parents’ yard.  The one that my dad slaves over.  And it happens to have a patio with a privacy fence that we would probably steal if there weren’t so many bricks involved.  Here’s a look at a little garden inspiration.

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