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Recycling Rookies


In plotting our storage and organization plans, we realized that we had a lot of extra stuff we’ve been hanging onto.  Most of which came with the house.  For obvious reasons, there are a lot of hazardous materials that you’re not supposed to just toss in your weekly trash, which complicates the effort quite a bit.  But lucky for us, we learned that our county has a few recycling and drop-off centers where you can recycle some materials and safely dispose of others.  We hit the jackpot when we learned that we could unload much of our junk for free.  Music to my ears.  Because nobody likes to pay to get rid of something.

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Autumn Activity: Brewery Tours


Looking for a fun activity this fall?  One of our favorites is brewery tours.  Most of all because Dain is obsessed with beer, but even if you’re not that into brews, it’s still fascinating to see how it’s made.  Luckily, the Midwest is teaming with breweries where you can learn all about the brewing and bottling process and taste a few finished products while you’re at it.  Here’s a look at a few of our regional favorites.

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Goldrushing It


We thought we’d let you in on a little Southeastern Minnesota secret in case you don’t already know: Goldrush.  Not of the actually mining gold variety.  More like the antique mining variety.  Goldrush is one of the largest antique shows in the Midwest that occurs every year on the third weekend in August.  It’s been going strong since 1972, and it draws in hoards of treasure seekers looking for that perfect old find.  You missed it this year, but there’s always next year.  We made it there over the weekend and while we did not bring home any treasures, we had a lot of fun looking. Continue reading →

Room and Board…..Outlet


That’s right.  In case you didn’t know.  Room and Board, the high-end, trendy, and incredible furniture manufacturer is not only straight up Minnesotan, but it has an outlet store. A few miles from our house. I die.  While I dream of the day that we can waltz into the regular store and buy something retail, I would probably kill someone who spilled a drop of wine on a sofa that cost me $4,798.00 (like this one).  So to avoid all of that, we stalk the outlet store.  And it finally paid off with the deal of a lifetime.  Does it exactly match anything we own? No.  Is it it the right proportions for our petite house?  No.  Was it amazingly luscious and $880 off the original price?  Yes and yes.  We pounced.

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Galaxy Drive-In…An Intergalactic Treat


If you are looking for kitsch, look no further than the Galaxy Drive-In in the one and only St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  The SLP has a lot of gems but none quite as hokey as this restaurant that you can’t help but notice on Highway 7.  And hokey is truly an affectionate term for us.  We love ourselves a theme restaurant, and this drive-in does not disappoint in that department with its self-described intergalactic and retrofuturistic dining experience.  Here’s what you are missing if you have yet to dine at this out-of-this galaxy joint.

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Mill Valley Kitchen


It’s certainly not every day that a new restaurant opens in our neighborhood so let’s just say we were filled with excitement and anticipation when we learned that a new apartment complex and business development near us (at Excelsior Blvd and France Ave) was going to be the home of the Mill Valley Kitchen.  Advertised as Northern California inspired cuisine served in a comfortable and refined setting, we counted down the days along with the countdown posted outside the restaurant.  So needless to say, when it finally opened a few weeks ago, we were itching to go.

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Rediscovering the Library


I’ve obviously known about the library for a long time.  My mom used to take me to the Rochester Public Library when I was kid, and we would go to the little library at our elementary school beginning in kindergarten.  But it really wasn’t until this past year that I rediscovered how incredible the library truly is and how lucky we are in Minnesota to have a large, sophisticated public library system.  Everyone is so caught up these days with their iPads and Kindles and Netflix subscriptions that we seem to have forgotten what a true treasure the library is.  And it is completely free, which is a rarity in this world.

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Technique at Le Cordon Bleu


We are always looking for a great value, and thanks to my younger brother, we found it at Le Cordon Bleu’s Technique restaurant.  Located in Mendota Heights, MN, Technique is open to the public and offers lunch and dinner menus prepared by chefs in training every Tuesday through Friday.  For just $10, you can enjoy a three course lunch menu, and for $15 you can sample a five course dinner menu. And Le Cordon Bleu offers the same experience at their schools throughout the country if you aren’t in Minnesota.

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Open for Business


Today is the big day.  The Edina Art Fair.  We’ll be here all weekend selling Dain’s image transfers. It’s raining a little bit this morning, but it is supposed to clear out and make way for a hot and steamy day.  Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be very nice weather if you’re thinking about stopping by.  We will be here from 10-7 today and tomorrow and from 10-5 on Sunday.  Dain’s booth is located right in front of the D’Amico restaurant on 50th Street (Booth 451 near 50th and Halifax).  If you have any free time, we’d love to see you.  I’ve had a chance to peruse a few other booths, and there is lots of other cool stuff too.  Tote bags made from old billboards?  Awesome.

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Art Fair Preparations


We have been busy bees lately.  For the past week, we’ve put our house projects on hold in preparation for an art fair this weekend where Dain will be selling his wares (awesome, unique artwork).  The Edina Art Fair is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Edina, Minnesota. It features artwork from over 300 artists from all over the United States and Canada.  There is everything from jewelery and clothing to pottery and furniture.  Dain’s work is in the “mixed media” category, and he sells image transfers of iconic images like the Cherry and the Spoon piece from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  We thought we’d give you an inside look at how these little treasures are created.

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