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Insulation? We’ve got that covered.


Following the insulation party, the next step of our basement furnace room was to cover up all that bubble gum pinkness. We didn’t want to use drywall in this room because it’s heavy and messy, and it involves taping, sanding, priming, and painting. A lot of unnecessary steps for a room like this.  Since it is such a small room and is going to be used mainly for storage and a workbench, we decided to go with plywood instead. This method only required some cutting and hanging.  And now we’re in business.

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Weekend Insulation Party


Not exactly the best party that I’ve been to, but probably one of the most productive. I got a jump start on this project Friday afternoon after a supply run on Thursday night, and I was able to finish installing all of the insulation by Saturday evening.

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Covering Up A Few Flaws


Because we all have flaws right? Unfortunately, Dain won’t let me write about those kind of flaws (even though I did take a psychology class once).  So we’ll stick to our stucco woes.  That we are still having.  I cannot wait for the day when our house is not clad in stucco.  Since that might be awhile, we’re stuck dealing with it.  Our major stucco project was patching the side of our house when our concrete staircase came out, and now the stucco drama has migrated to the sun room.  As in ugly stucco gaps in full view.  Thankfully Dain had a plan.

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Tiling the Sun Porch: Part 2


Sundays are apparently our designated tiling days.  Last Sunday Dain set the tiles (in Part 1), and this Sunday he was back at it with the grouting.  We might have the most fun weekends of any young couple ever.  Maybe.  According to Dain, grouting is the most stressful part of tiling since you have to hustle to make it look nice in the end.  Luckily this one wasn’t as complicated as our last grouting job on our bathroom floor and shower, so he jumped right in yesterday making quick work of yet another tedious project that was bound to leave marks on his legs from those gnarly velcro straps on his kneepads.  The perils of a DIY homeowner I guess. Continue reading →

Now You Can Come Over…


Since we have our hand towel cubbies completed of course.  Before you would have had to dry your hands on a community towel atop the vanity.  BORING. As we told you yesterday (here), it took a little longer than expected as many things around here do.  But after an incredibly fun Wednesday night of sanding, filling, and painting, Dain has completed his bathroom masterpiece.  It now happily hangs on our wall waiting for the guests to arrive….since we obviously won’t use it for ourselves.  Unless we really need a pick-me-up maybe.  Here’s what it took to complete this little beauty.

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Bathroom Delight in the Works


Have you ever been in a bathroom that has individual hand towels each in their own little cubby for your hand drying pleasure? Pretty deluxe.  We’ve seen them a few places.  Typically in very tony restaurants and hotels, but also at the occasional home, which has made me think, why can’t we offer that extra something to our guests too? I’ve been wanting my own ever since.  I’ve had the idea for over a year now for our upstairs bathroom, and when I floated it to Dain, he responded that he could make it.  How cool is that?  Give the guy an idea, and he makes it happen by busting out his woodworking skills.

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Snap, Crackle, Sit….On a Crackle Bench


It’s rare for us to be driving anywhere at 6 in the morning on a Saturday, but since Dain was in the Edina Art Fair earlier this summer, we had a three day span of early and long days.  And it paid off in a surprising way.  A few blocks from the fair on a random Saturday morning in June, we spotted a pile of wood and a free sign.  Cue the erratic u-turn by Dain.  Luckily, it was a ghost town at that hour.  As we pulled up we realized that we were looking at three solid wood benches.  For FREE.  It’s almost embarrassing how excited we get about free stuff.  Almost.  We stuffed them in the car (not ours…a much bigger one that we were borrowing for the weekend to haul all of the art fair supplies) and went on our merry way.  After quite a few steps and a couple of months, we finally have one final product.  Only one since we hedge our bets and thought we’d test out our new found refinishing skills on that for starters.  Enter the crackle bench.

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Tiling the Sun Porch: Part 1


Yes, we had another exciting weekend.  If you consider a Home Depot run and a hardware store run and a whole lot of tiling exciting that is.  But what’s not exciting about concrete, thin-set, and tiles?  Ok, pretty much everything.  It’s a lot of work, but we had to do it.  And doing it ourselves saved us a ton of money. Gone is the cheapo sketchy carpet that somebody set on top of our concrete, and now we have a very nice floor that doesn’t make us cringe.  It is a big undertaking for a DIYer, but it’s doable.

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It’s Turning into an Obsession


A chalkboard obsession.  For real.  Dain asked me the other day if I would paint a child’s room in floor to ceiling chalkboard paint.  I said no, but only because I contemplated how many little cans that would require.  I would obviously only paint the entire bottom half of the walls in chalkboard.  Kids aren’t that tall.  In all seriousness.  Because I find it delightfully fun.  Like I am young again.  Not that we’re that old, but we do have under two years before the big 3-0.  So while Dain was installing our new toilet, I worked the chalkboard paint as promised in our newly improved itty bitty pantry.

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How to Replace a Toilet in Style


Ok, not really.  It’s a dirty job any way you slice it, but wouldn’t that be nice if home projects were a little more glamorous?  A few weeks ago we installed a dual flush converter on our basement toilet, and as you may recall, we vowed to replace the toilet (in this post) upon seeing the condition of the old beast up close and personal.  So Dain put on his handy man pants over the weekend and got it done.  Talk about a fun Friday night.  You may know you are getting old when you actually spend a Friday night doing home projects and a weekend is not complete without a trip to the Home Depot.  But it had to be done.

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