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Arching Our Way to the End


Here we are nearly 3 months away from a new addition to our family, and our 3 major house projects are still chugging along. The new nursery is almost complete (minus the furniture and decor), our new side door closet still doesn’t have any primer on it, and our most ambitious project is about half of the way done. Yes, our new guest room/office is really starting to take shape even if it is at a snail’s pace.  We did give ourselves a break from everything for a weekend getaway the weekend before last, but this past weekend Dain took on the  next task by starting construction of the archway that spans our two future bookshelves and queen sized bed cubby.

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Designing a (Small) Closet


Now that we have the bones for our small entry closet, it’s on to the interesting part: the design.  For the past few weeks we’ve been throwing around ideas about what we need from our new closet from a functionality standpoint as well as considering the eye candy factor since we will look at our little closet every time we go in and out of the house.  And that could really bring us down to look at a snarly, ugly mess welcoming us in the door.  So we are committed to having an organized and aesthetically pleasing closet.  Our vision is likely to change along the way, but we’ve put together a bit of inspiration before we dig in.

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Framing Out the New Walls


I’ve been hard at work on our new rooms, and as we mentioned in this post, our guest bedroom/office is going to have one awesome built-in bed and shelving unit.  Making it possible to also have a closet off the kitchen near our side door.  After redoing the exterior wall in the room with new insulation and Sheetrock and adding fresh paint to all of the walls, I was on to framing out the new walls for the built-in bed and closet.  It was slower going than anticipated, but it’s beginning to take shape.

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Painting Stripes


Our soon to be f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s baby room is officially underway, and yep, we officially striped it out last week.  I say “we” because I had the idea, and Dain made it happen.  That’s how we roll as a team around here.  Gender neutral is not the most appealing theme, but gray and white lend themselves to adding pops of color later so for now we are concentrating on our neutral palette.  And thanks to Dain’s mad painting skills, the room is starting to come together now that gray and white stripes are in the house. It wasn’t the easiest task in the world, but Dain was up for the challenge.  Here’s his rendition of how he made it happen.

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Priming and Painting Trim… a lot of Trim.


Our room renovations are coming along nicely. All of the dirty demolition and building work is complete, and it’s now on to the tedious detail work. After painting, the next step is to install all of the trim. The old trim was really not salvageable so we decided to buy and install all new trim in the two rooms. We decided on getting solid pine since we were planning on painting it to match the rest of the house, and pine is significantly cheaper than most other hard woods.  And solid wood that we paint ourselves apparently meets my wife’s new chemical-free safety criteria that she has imposed on the house.

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Working on the Walls


I wrote Monday about part of the really fun weekend myself and a couple of helpers had tearing apart 3 walls in our future nursery and guest room/office. It was a very long Saturday, but we managed to get the walls demolished and put back together, and we even started to prime a few of the other walls in preparation for the final color choices that I’ll hopefully be able to get to this weekend.

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One Shelf in the Right Direction


Since we don’t have the time (or the funds) to finish our laundry room in one big push, we are determined to take it one step at a time (as we outlined here). With some of those steps being very small.  Like this one.  But even if it is one shelf at a time, it makes a difference.  Thanks to $13 in brackets and a repurposed shelf that we already had, we have just a little more organization in our work-in-progress of a laundry room.

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10 Minutes Later


Plus one year.  That is approximately how long it took to install the pull out garbage can in our laundry room cabinet. Apparently we like to keep the easiest projects on the back burner in this house.  And by we, I’m totally just referring to Dain.  I mentioned it to him quite a few times (which he loved), but after months of looking at the box for it, its moment of glory came tonight.  Marking things off our list left and right.

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Doing Laundry….In Style


When we moved into our house, the laundry room in the basement was completely unfinished (much like our furnace room that Dain has been busy insulating and man-decorating).  Last fall Dain insulated it and added drywall, and we painted the floors gray and the walls a very bright color that basically screams “get excited to do some laundry.”  It was a huge improvement, especially when it came to the bearable factor in the winter because before that was done, it was an icebox in there.  Now it is nice and toasty, but it’s not quite finished.  We added a new utility sink (that was a huge improvement from the 1964 model), new gas lines, a countertop with undermount cabinets, a laundry organizer, and a few large shelves for storage.  But as always, there are still projects in there.  The most obvious is the need for a ceiling and new lighting with the next most pressing issue being finding a way to maximize the space for our needs.  We put on our thinking caps, and here’s where we are at.

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Custom Built Workbench


Last week we did a couple of posts about insulating our furnace room closet walls (that you can catch up on here and here).  After all the insulation and plywood was in place, I started to plan and take measurements for built in shelves. While measuring I realized that there was enough room for the solid wood table that I got for the affordable price of $5.00 a couple of years ago. The table came with metal legs, but the only problem with our furnace room is that the floor is very uneven in the corner, so I decided to take off the legs and custom build a frame for it. This also made it possible to make it a higher counter top height of 36 inches, and now I am one step closer to having my tool cave complete.

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