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It’s a Jungle in Here


Thanks to some wild and woolly house plants.  We both spent years in apartments so we have been toting along some of our plants for a very long time.  And the thing about apartments is that space is at a premium along with sunlight.  So we basically had one plant stand crammed full of greenery by the one sunny window at our last apartment before buying our house.  Naturally we just transported it to our house.  But the time has come.  To say goodbye and start anew.  With a fresh crop of not so crazy looking plants.

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The Season for Farmers’ Markets


‘Tis the season for local fruit, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, cheese, meat, and more. All thanks to your local farmers’ market. While our markets are definitely seasonal in Minnesota, we have a lot to choose from in the Twin Cities metro area for the next five months or so.  Our first visit of the season was to the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market.  There is a large market location on Lyndale that is open daily, but Thursdays bring the fun downtown with a wide selection of vendors on Nicollet Mall every Thursday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from May to November.  And since it was nice and sunny last Thursday, we headed out over the lunch hour to peruse the incredible produce, plants, and treats (like fresh cheese curds, pies and chocolate sauce).

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Goodbye Bruiser


Bruiser being my affectionate term for my ten-year-old Volkswagen Jetta that has many bumps and bruises after a few run-ins with bumpers, poles, and other things throughout its life.  The bruiser is now sold and gone, which for some reason makes me a touch sad and causes me to sing my own words into a well-known song:  One love.  One car.  Let’s get together and feel all right.

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