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Quick and Healthy Veggie Burgers


Ok, I know for a lot of people you can’t have a “burger” if there is no meat involved, but for those nights when you’re looking for a meat alternative, homemade veggie burgers are the way to go for a quick and healthy dinner.  I’ve had a lot of veggie burgers in my day, and unfortunately most restaurants still serve the frozen kind.  But those have nothing on this recipe, which is flavorful and healthful all at the same time.  Dain even liked them.  Of course he likes everything (except for melon) and he probably wouldn’t tell his pregnant wife that he didn’t like what she just made, but he was happy to eat them so that’s got to count for something.

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Hot Chocolate


‘Tis the season for warm drinks. Since I can’t hit the sauce anymore, what is better than hot chocolate on a frigid Minnesota night?  Not much.  I typically make the lazy, instant hot chocolate from the package, but today I bought some fancy hot chocolate mix  from our local Penzeys Spices.  So we busted out our hot cocoa maker (an older version of this) and made ourselves some delicious winter drinks.

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Spicy Peanut Noodles


We love ourselves some Asian flavors in this household so we thought we’d share one of our favorite noodle dishes.  It also happens to be pretty easy since that’s how we roll.  And it makes for great leftovers which is always a bonus.  The recipe originally came from a magazine, and I’ve been toting it around for years tweaking it here and there.  It is actually vegan, but it tastes great with shrimp too if you’re looking for a little more protein.

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Tortilla Roll-Ups


We’ve been so busy with work and buying our new car that we haven’t made too many awesome meals this week.  As in zero.  But we did take time to make one of our favorite snacks tonight that will tide us over for the weekend.  Tortilla Roll-Ups.  A classic appetizer that is always a crowd pleaser.

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Lazy Pie


Ever feel like making a super easy dessert?  Look no further than lazy pie.  I started making this in college because it is cheap and fairly figure friendly.  And it really could not be easier.  Let the laziness begin.

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A Halloween Treat


In anticipation for a family visit this weekend with my brother’s rugrats, Dain volunteered to bang out a Foodie Friday post.  His treat of choice: popcorn balls.  They were completely his brainchild, and he did an awesome job except for one minor error.  Which is why he usually cooks with me around to supervise the recipe.  I wondered why they “have a funny aftertaste” until I started looking at his pictures.  You live and you learn.

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Game Day Guacamole


We’re a little early for game day, but we wanted to share our favorite snack: guacamole.  We are pretty sure both the Gophers and Vikings are going to get creamed this weekend, but even a defeat deserves a few good snacks.  And thanks to Trader Joe’s, it is has gotten a lot easier for us to whip up some amazing guacamole for the amazing price of $3.69…way cheaper than that table side guac we enjoy when we’re out.

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Mojo Monkey Donuts


We’ve been hearing about a “donut renaissance” in the Twin Cities as of late.  I question how there can really be a rebirth when donuts have never left our scene, but nonetheless, we thought we’d check out one of these new gourmet donut shops that just opened in St. Paul.  Because we’ve pretty much never met a donut shop we don’t like.  And Mojo Monkey Donuts is certainly not the exception.  It’s actually probably a good thing we don’t live closer to this place because we would be regulars and then we’d have to switch to an all stretchy wardrobe (which is currently just reserved for weeknights and weekends).

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Banana Bread


As far back as I can remember one of my favorite things to eat is my Dad’s homemade banana bread. He was a baker in the Air Force so when it comes to baking pies, bread or any other type of pastry, he usually nails it, though he always says it’s a little different dealing with such small amounts of ingredients compared to measuring by the barrel in the Air Force.

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9 Months?


Yep. That’s how long Dain has been making a creative thing.  Every. Single. Day.  For nine months and counting.  It is exhausting….for both of us at times.  But he’s committed to the project and posting them all on his other blog.  We told you about the premise back in May here.  But in honor of Foodie Friday on the ol’ blog, we thought we’d share some of his food inspired creative things. Continue reading →