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Shopping Spree


Or at least that’s what it feels like lately.  And we haven’t even purchased that many items yet.  It just feels like it since the few we have chosen are pretty big ticket pieces.  Like a crib and a dresser for our nursery. Because time is flying, and we had to order those items.  The rest of the accessories are less urgent, but with a self-imposed March deadline, there is no time like the present to start putting our two new rooms together.

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From the Windows to the Walls


We’re overhauling these halls.  This weekend Dain and the dads will hit the ground running on our baby room and the office/guest bedroom.  The rough plan is to replace the sheet rock on the three exterior walls (two in the baby room, one in the office).  This will enable Dain to add proper insulation and a vapor barrier along with the newly sheet rocked walls.  Then they’ll be on to priming and painting.  With the weekend schedule set, we headed to Lowe’s last night on a paint run to save Dain a long trip out there on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Because our nearby Home Depot has yet to carry the environmentally friendly paint that puts my mind at ease.

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Baby Room Inspiration


Once you get over the fact that you will be bringing a human being home with you that you will forever be responsible for (in a good way of course), your mind turns to where you’re going to put that little nugget.  We realize a newborn doesn’t need very much right away, but we’ve been planning our nursery for a few months now in anticipation of that awesome moment when the three of us come home from the hospital.  Of course the baby will sleep with us for a few months (or more likely me since Dain will want to actually sleep), but the baby’s room is one of the items on our list that we are anxious to mark off because it is going to be so fun to work on.

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


How lovely are your branches?  Pretty darn lovely if I do say so myself.  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were lucky enough to have a nice and relaxing extended weekend, but we didn’t waste any time moving on to my favorite holiday once we got home.  Is it a tad early to be buying a real tree?  Perhaps, but it just makes me so darn happy to have that fresh Christmas tree smell in the house that we couldn’t resist picking one up yesterday despite the fact that it isn’t even December yet.  We realize we may be the only couple in America who shops around for a Christmas tree, but that was us hitting three places before pulling the trigger.  Saving $50 was worth it though, and now we have a beautiful Fraser Fir decking out our living room.

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Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition


It’s back, and we’re moving on to the fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge.  Once again, it is hosted by Sherry at Young House Love and Katie over at Bower Power along with new hostesses Ana from Ana White and Erin at House of Earnest.  A big thanks to these ladies for inspiring us to once again make something that we have pinned on Pinterest because I look at Pinterest on a daily basis (whether I’m adding pins or not).  It is ridiculously inspiring to look at all the beautiful pictures and clever ideas, and it has become an addiction.  For the summer challenge, we made some scrabble art, and this time we are back with a different kind of art.

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Pottery Barn Decorating Class


Looking for a great (and free) way to get a few extra design tips?  I always am as I’m still learning how to style our house to match our personalities and still trying become a wonderful hostess like my mother.  I’m not hosting the holidays this year, but that didn’t stop me from attending Pottery Barn’s How to Entertain with Style class with my mom yesterday.  It was a fun weekend activity, and it gave my mom (who does host large Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter gatherings) and myself some new ideas for entertaining on Thanksgiving.

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Pretty in Paper


Ever wish you had some of those gorgeous coffee table books or that your books were beautiful enough to be on display?  We do too, but since we like some of our not-so-visually-stunning books, we decided to just make them prettier so they are finally display-worthy.  We have a small collection of bar books in our living room, and thanks to a sale on some incredible paper, they are now covered in oh-so-pretty maps and birds.

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Crayon Art


We were feeling a bit nostalgic today so we thought we’d pull out an old school art project for our ever-changing frame wall.  How old school?  Well, we hit up the crayola crayons circa grade school and worked a little crayon/wax paper/iron magic.  And it works just like it did back in the day making a fun (and free) colorful piece for our wall.

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Spooky Skull Centerpiece


It is that time of year again.  Now that we are officially into October, the days of Halloween decor are here.  And we are taking advantage of it in this household.  Because we love ourselves some cheesy seasonal decor.  So much so that I raced to Target last year on November 1 to hit the Halloween clearance.  I walked away with some fun items at 50-75% off the regular price.  The only thing Dain wanted was a skull candle that bleeds since I had told him $10 was too much before Halloween.  Lucky for him, I managed to find one left (at the second Target I went to) for just a few bucks.  And it’s as good as new this year.  Dain was so excited to see it emerge from the Halloween tub this year that it inspired him to create a little centerpiece for our coffee table.

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Privacy Central


Thanks to our new sun room curtains.  Which is a nice departure from the rest of our backyard that has yet to be privatized so to speak.  Not that our sun room is outside, but it is our indoor/outdoor space since it is not insulated making it uninhabitable in the chilly winter months.  So to give ourselves that feeling of privacy we added some affordable curtains to the sun room.  Now our neighbors won’t run over every time we’re sitting in our sun room sipping mojitos and ask us to make them one.

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