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CIRCA 1983

We are Dain and Rachel.  Straight out of the 80s, we are both in our late twenties.  We are recently married (circa September 2010), new homeowners (circa January 2010) and new to the blogosphere (circa 2011). We are both lifelong Minnesotans (excepting a few years of college), and we currently call Saint Louis Park home.  And what can we say?  We. Love. It.  You betcha.  Even the winters.

Dain is an art director at an advertising agency in Minneapolis, and Rachel is a lawyer by trade.  We are just two American kids trying to define our own American dream (which has yet to include a white picket fence, a dog, or any children).  Join us as we detail our Minnesotan lives and chronicle our adventures, misadventures, and everything in between.

We’re not experts on marriage, remodeling, decorating, landscaping, saving money or giving advice, but we like to think we make the most out of what we have and have a lot to share.  If we can inspire you to do at least one thing you’ve never done or thought of, then this project is a success.  Take us with a grain of salt and enjoy.  Thank you for following us.

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