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A Mini Minnesota Just for You


In case you haven’t noticed, we are pretty enamored with our state.  So much that we like to display our Minnesota love.  Dain made me a mini Minnesota painting on canvas months ago because he knows that I am a sucker for all things teeny tiny.  And for glitter.  He nailed it when he made mine pink with a white glittery Minnesota on it.  Now we are adding them to our store so that you can bring your very own mini Minnesota to a home near you. Don’t worry, we do have other colors for those who fail to appreciate the glitter factor.  And we’re sharing how we do it in case you want to make your own or make one with a different state since we hear there are 49 others that may also be art-worthy.

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Garden Crashing


No, we did not physically “crash” into anyone’s yard, but we did think it would be fun to feature one of our favorite gardens.  We were in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota over the weekend to see an amazing Cloud Cult concert, and if you have never heard their music you are missing out.  So you should do something about that.  Pronto.  When we weren’t busy rocking out to Cloud Cult, we snapped a few photos of my parents’ yard.  The one that my dad slaves over.  And it happens to have a patio with a privacy fence that we would probably steal if there weren’t so many bricks involved.  Here’s a look at a little garden inspiration.

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Rediscovering the Library


I’ve obviously known about the library for a long time.  My mom used to take me to the Rochester Public Library when I was kid, and we would go to the little library at our elementary school beginning in kindergarten.  But it really wasn’t until this past year that I rediscovered how incredible the library truly is and how lucky we are in Minnesota to have a large, sophisticated public library system.  Everyone is so caught up these days with their iPads and Kindles and Netflix subscriptions that we seem to have forgotten what a true treasure the library is.  And it is completely free, which is a rarity in this world.

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The Heart Shop is Open for Business


Finally.  And we apologize for the delay.  The whole at-home screen printing thing has been a little more difficult than we thought.  But we have finally mastered it.  And we’re rolling out our new shirts so that everyone can enjoy them as much as we do.  Dain’s been wanting to try his hand at screen-printing for awhile now because he loves graphic tees and figured he could make ones that are just as cool as the ones he buys.  So when he found an at-home setup for sale on Craigslist this spring, he pulled the trigger and started the learning process.  And now we can say that we make our own t-shirts (not the actual shirt….but you know what I mean).

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Escape the Heat at Bluefin Bay


We were planning an awesome house post for today, but low and behold, our power went out last night for the first time since we’ve lived here.  Apparently our local grid couldn’t handle everyone’s air conditioners working overtime.  It was a scorching 103 degrees in the Twin Cities yesterday.  It hasn’t been that hot since 1988.  Did it stop us from moving our big pile of dirt into our yard?  No.  Did it make us turn on our air conditioning?  No, because we are cheap like that.  Did we drive to three places in search of Icees after our power went out?  It’s a distinct possibility.  But do we still have a great place for a getaway to share?  We sure do.  And we’re a little partial to it since we got married there.  Bluefin Bay Resort in Tofte, MN on the shores of Lake Superior.

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Duluth-A Weekend Getaway Destination


Duluth is a Northern Minnesota town close to our hearts.  Both of us have siblings who went to school at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and we have both participated in Grandma’s Marathon.  My older brother even married a Duluth native, and my first niece was born there so it is a sentimental spot for us.  But it is also insanely cool for anyone who hasn’t been there yet (and those who have because it seems like we find ourselves coming back for more).  Located about 150 miles from Minneapolis, Duluth is situated on the shores of Lake Superior.  It is the largest port (by volume) on the Great Lakes, and it is known for the Aerial Lift Bridge that lets some 1,000 freighters enter the harbor every year.

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“Up North” in Grand Marais


If you’ve never been this far “Up North” in Minnesota, you should make it a point to check it out.  Grand Marais is a picturesque town along the shores of Lake Superior 110 miles Northeast of Duluth and only 40 miles from the Canadian border.  Situated on scenic Highway 61, it is a historic harbor town that began as a Native American village before falling under the flags of France, Great Britain, and finally, the United States.  It was a fur trading post and a commercial fishing outpost, but now it is a lot more about the visitors.  With plenty of outdoor activities, kitschy gift shops, and amazing spots to grab a bite to eat, Grand Marais is a classic Minnesota destination in and of itself.

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Worth the Drive….the New Scenic Café


Located on scenic Highway 61 along the shores of Lake Superior, the New Scenic Café is an unexpected delight offering contemporary American cuisine in a relaxed setting.  The picturesque restaurant provides a tranquil view of the lake and is located just 10 miles outside of Duluth.

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Pedal Pub Crawl


In celebration of my 28th birthday (and the last official entrance into my….sigh….late twenties), we decided to invite some friends and family members on a bicycle built for 16.  Advertised as “slow fun,” which describes more and more of the things you start to do upon entering the late twenties, the Pedal Pub is a truly unique experience that lets you get your drink on and exercise at the same time.  What could be more Minnesotan than that?  Ice fishing while eating hotdish……maybe.

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I Heart Etsy


In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me introduce you to Etsy: a handmade marketplace where artists from around the world sell their wares.  And believe me, there is truly something for everyone.  Most recently I’ve gotten a few gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day there, but last summer I was a total etsy stalker checking the wedding section nearly every day for things that we couldn’t live with out. And by we I really just mean me. 

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