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Something for the Birds


A few months ago we were totally planning on making most or all of our Christmas presents for friends and family.  Of course that didn’t happen in the real world.  Despite our best intentions, time just got away from us.  So only one lucky soul got a homemade gift.  Mostly because he’s the hardest person to shop for: my dad.  He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t really need anything, doesn’t really want anything, and doesn’t even feign interest when it’s his turn to open presents.  It’s almost like we shouldn’t get him gifts, but of course we all still do.  And then we make him open them.  All of which makes it especially awesome when we can think of an amazing gift for such a gift grump.  And this year we did.

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It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, but we are certainly excited for everything we have in store for 2012.  We had a very laid back New Year’s Eve after a busy week of family time and home improvement.  Our excitement was a late dinner at a neighborhood restaurant followed by watching the ball drop on t.v. and calling it a night.  BORING.  We know.  But with our minds on so many other things, we gave ourselves a pass this year.  And speaking of this new year, we are back with a few resolutions.  Or more like things we need to do to make 2012 work.

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


How lovely are your branches?  Pretty darn lovely if I do say so myself.  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were lucky enough to have a nice and relaxing extended weekend, but we didn’t waste any time moving on to my favorite holiday once we got home.  Is it a tad early to be buying a real tree?  Perhaps, but it just makes me so darn happy to have that fresh Christmas tree smell in the house that we couldn’t resist picking one up yesterday despite the fact that it isn’t even December yet.  We realize we may be the only couple in America who shops around for a Christmas tree, but that was us hitting three places before pulling the trigger.  Saving $50 was worth it though, and now we have a beautiful Fraser Fir decking out our living room.

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Wherefore Art Thou Winter?


When it’s the middle of November and the temperature reaches 60 degrees, us Minnesotans do not take it for granted because it only happens once every couple of years. Usually we are basking in the beginning of the winter weather by now.  One year ago (yesterday) we were already blanketed by 8 inches of fluffy white snow on the ground. And from that we learned a few lessons…like don’t wait until there is a foot of snow and it’s 5 degrees outside to put up your Christmas lights.  In that vein, we spent most of this past weekend outside knocking off chores getting our yard and house ready for the winter and my favorite holiday season.

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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween everybody.  It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, and now the holiday season is going to fly by.  20 years ago we had a large snowstorm on Halloween here in Minnesota, and it looks like a different part of the country is feeling that snow this year.  Wild October weather for those in New England.  Here, it’s going to be a very nice night for all those trick or treaters in terms of Minnesota weather.  We only had 11 kids stop by last year so we’re hoping to break that record by at least 2 or 3 this year.  Here’s how we got into the Halloween spirit over the weekend.

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Spooky Skull Centerpiece


It is that time of year again.  Now that we are officially into October, the days of Halloween decor are here.  And we are taking advantage of it in this household.  Because we love ourselves some cheesy seasonal decor.  So much so that I raced to Target last year on November 1 to hit the Halloween clearance.  I walked away with some fun items at 50-75% off the regular price.  The only thing Dain wanted was a skull candle that bleeds since I had told him $10 was too much before Halloween.  Lucky for him, I managed to find one left (at the second Target I went to) for just a few bucks.  And it’s as good as new this year.  Dain was so excited to see it emerge from the Halloween tub this year that it inspired him to create a little centerpiece for our coffee table.

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