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We are Parents…3 Months Early.


We knew the birth of our baby would have an element of surprise, but we never imagined that the surprise would be welcoming our new addition 12 weeks early.  On Thursday January 26 I was admitted to the hospital with pre-eclampsia.  Four days later on January 30 I gave birth via emergency c-section, and we finally met our little girl Olive.  It was an incredibly difficult five days leading up to it, and her birthday was the scariest day of both of our lives.  The experience rocked us to our cores, but we are proud to introduce you to our teeny tiny micro preemie.

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Oh Baby….We’re Expecting


We’ve known since mid-August, but we thought it was about time to share the big news on the blog: that we are expecting our first baby in late April.  We are over the moon excited.  And totally freaked out.  All at the same time.  Which is why we waited 13 weeks to tell most of our friends and family and until we hit the halfway mark (20 weeks) to finally share it on the blog.  We’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit as of late, but it has all been due to our impending nugget as we affectionately call him or her.  We’ve actually been busier than ever, but now we can share all of our nursery plans in the upcoming weeks since that has moved to the top of our priority list this winter.  Along with dozens of other things before the nugget arrives of course.

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In Case of Emergency (Car Edition)


Our first snowfall over the weekend made us realize that we had yet to move any of our “car supplies” into our new car.  As in, we didn’t even have an ice scraper in the car.  Luckily, our defrost is awesome so we got away with it, but it won’t always be like that.  So we decided to go through all of our supplies that have been sitting in the garage and put together an emergency kit for the car.  Hopefully we’ll never need it, but it’s always better to be prepared.

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Tweaking the Garage


For our new wheels of course.  What needed to be done?  For starters, we needed to make a little more room since the Subaru is a good deal larger than our old car.  But we also learned last night that opening the back hatch of our new car would result in hitting the garage door when it was open.  Not good.  But fear not, Dain and a trip to the Home Depot are all we needed to rectify our minor problem.

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Life is a Highway


As we shared last night, we finally bought a new car.  We both got nearly ten years out of our previous cars.  We sold mine last spring, and now it was time to unload Dain’s car since it didn’t have a lot of life left in it.  And it felt like a go cart driving down the highway, which makes even people who don’t get motion sickness start to feel a little queasy.

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Coming Soon…


To a garage near us.  This past weekend was a little busier than normal thanks to a surprise. Albeit not a totally unexpected surprise.  More like a ticking time bomb that finally went off.  Earlier in the spring, we told you about how we became a one car family here. And that works out great until your one car finally clinks out, which ours did last week.  This past weekend we spent some of Friday night and all day Saturday shopping for a new car and the rest of the time researching cars. It no longer made financial sense to fix our “Red Rocket,” a Mazda Protege that I bought used after I graduated from college, so we decided to trade her in and move on up. Our quest for a new ride just ended less than 2 hours ago after a fairly long and drawn out bargaining process, but we successfully got the car we wanted at the price we wanted.

We apologize for our blogging blip, but we’ll tell you more about our whole buying process tomorrow after we pick it up.

Recycling Rookies


In plotting our storage and organization plans, we realized that we had a lot of extra stuff we’ve been hanging onto.  Most of which came with the house.  For obvious reasons, there are a lot of hazardous materials that you’re not supposed to just toss in your weekly trash, which complicates the effort quite a bit.  But lucky for us, we learned that our county has a few recycling and drop-off centers where you can recycle some materials and safely dispose of others.  We hit the jackpot when we learned that we could unload much of our junk for free.  Music to my ears.  Because nobody likes to pay to get rid of something.

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Pretty in Paper


Ever wish you had some of those gorgeous coffee table books or that your books were beautiful enough to be on display?  We do too, but since we like some of our not-so-visually-stunning books, we decided to just make them prettier so they are finally display-worthy.  We have a small collection of bar books in our living room, and thanks to a sale on some incredible paper, they are now covered in oh-so-pretty maps and birds.

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Crayon Art


We were feeling a bit nostalgic today so we thought we’d pull out an old school art project for our ever-changing frame wall.  How old school?  Well, we hit up the crayola crayons circa grade school and worked a little crayon/wax paper/iron magic.  And it works just like it did back in the day making a fun (and free) colorful piece for our wall.

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Goodbye Baseball


For this year at least.  Of course, the playoffs will proceed without us, but it’s not quite the same when your team has been out of it for awhile now.  It was a rough season for our beloved Twins to say the least.  Back on opening day, we had so much hope after last year, but it wasn’t meant to be as we slowly saw the season slip away.  And then it just got ugly.  But that didn’t stop us from heading out to the game last night for closing day.  We mostly went because we didn’t want to waste our tickets (that we bought back in April sure that we’d be in the playoff hunt come September), but it was still fun to say goodbye to the season in person. Continue reading →