Arching Our Way to the End


Here we are nearly 3 months away from a new addition to our family, and our 3 major house projects are still chugging along. The new nursery is almost complete (minus the furniture and decor), our new side door closet still doesn’t have any primer on it, and our most ambitious project is about half of the way done. Yes, our new guest room/office is really starting to take shape even if it is at a snail’s pace.  We did give ourselves a break from everything for a weekend getaway the weekend before last, but this past weekend Dain took on the  next task by starting construction of the archway that spans our two future bookshelves and queen sized bed cubby.

When we last posted about our built in bed we had just finished framing the new walls that would eventually become two bookshelves, connected by an archway.  At the time, Dain screwed a 2X2 stud to the ceiling connecting the two new walls in anticipation of the archway. After talking it over and debating how high the arch should go and how it should look, we were finally ready to get started constructing this gateway to our future guest bed.

Dain started with 2 sheets of 1/2″ birch plywood cut to length and ripped down to 16″ high.

He then marked the ends where the arch would start on one of the pieces of plywood and the center point of the curve. We decided on an 8″ arch which will leave another 8″ from the top of the ceiling after it’s installed.

Dain then used 3″ screws to set points that he would be able to bend a scrap piece of plywood in between to create the desired arc.

It worked like a charm.

Then Dain simply dragged a pencil along the edge of the curve to mark a perfect arc onto the plywood.

To cut it out he used a reciprocating saw to carefully cut along the pencil line.

There are two sides to this arch so Dain used the first one as a template by clamping it to the next piece of plywood and repeating the process.

Next came the installation part of this project. Of course the ceiling and the floor of our home are not exactly level. In order to keep the arch level, Dain leveled and screwed a couple of blocks on each wall.  This allowed him to easily set the arches in place, adjust them, and nail/screw them in place knowing that they were staying level.

The top of the arch was solid because of the 2X2 framing that we secured to the ceiling, but the center was a little flimsy. To solve this, Dain cut 2X2 stud scraps about 6″ long and slid them in between the two pieces of plywood securing them from each side with the air nailer.

And finally our archway is starting to take shape.

Can you picture how awesome it is going to be once it is finished and we have our new pendant in place?

I can’t really see it all in my head now, but lucky for me, Dain can so I know it is going to be amazing.  The next step along with the rest of our built in bed is to use decorative trim boards to give everything a nice polished look and that will be Dain’s fun task for this weekend followed by another weekend of painting everything.  My fingers are crossed that after two full weekends of work on it, we will be close to the end.

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