Shopping Spree


Or at least that’s what it feels like lately.  And we haven’t even purchased that many items yet.  It just feels like it since the few we have chosen are pretty big ticket pieces.  Like a crib and a dresser for our nursery. Because time is flying, and we had to order those items.  The rest of the accessories are less urgent, but with a self-imposed March deadline, there is no time like the present to start putting our two new rooms together.

Obviously the most important part of the nursery was the crib.  And I became slightly obsessed with this task.  Because I wanted to find something that was safe and made with solid wood without toxic chemicals or vocs.  And I also didn’t want to pay an insane amount.  Although we did pay a lot for our crib.  It was definitely a splurge, but we love it.  I could go on about cribs (and I probably will in a later post), but the crib we chose after a ton of researching is the Young America Mix Stationary Crib.  They are all custom made and come in a variety of color combinations.  We debated for a long time, but we settled on a white and gray combo (called starlight and graphite on the Young America color palette).

Young America cribs are JPMA certified for safety, are made in the USA with solid wood, and are Greenguard certified to be healthy for indoor air quality.  Those are just a few of the highlights.  We ordered ours from a local furniture store (Becker Furniture World), and it rang in at $711 for the crib and the toddler conversion kit.  Not cheap.  But the peace of mind is worth it.  Of course we were originally going to stop there due to the hefty price tag, but thanks to a generous gift from my parents, we were able to get the matching Mix Single Dresser too in the same color combo.

We are basically in love with our furniture.  The only down side is that we have to wait 8 weeks to see it meaning it’ll be the end of February or beginning of March before we can complete the vision.  But that hasn’t stopped us from planning the rest of the room.  Another big item we needed was a rug, which of course we also wanted to be as natural as possible.  We humored ourselves by looking at the Room and Board Outlet, but the rugs there were still close to $1,000.00 for many of them, which was never going to happen.  So we definitely felt like we hit the rug jackpot when we found this gem on

It really had everything we were looking for since it is hand-tufted 100% wool without any synthetic fibers and comes in at 5 x 7’6.  It also gets 4.8 out of 5 reviews (from 74 reviews), which is something we always consider.  And of course the colors were perfect for our vision.  We had actually never purchased anything from Overstock before and were a little hesitant to since it would be a major pain to return a rug.  But when we couldn’t find anything close to this good of a deal anywhere else, we knew we had to pull the trigger.  The original price was $206.99, but we used our credit card miles to get a $100 Overstock e-certificate and found a 10% off and free shipping coupon code online bringing the total we paid out of pocket for it to $89.24.  And we are so glad we shelled out for it.  We love it.  Truly.  And it looks awesome in the room.

Next on the agenda was a light fixture.  And with a little bit of internet searching, I found one that I thought would be perfect.  Enter the Small Round Capiz Pendant from West Elm.

Thanks to an after Christmas sale, I scored it for $96.55 in store, but of course the conversion kit to hardwire it into the ceiling is on back order until February 7.  But that’s how it goes with this project.  Patience is key.  I did buy this for the nursery, but after I got it home and looked at it, I realized we needed it in the guest bedroom instead because it will look awesome in front of the archway for the built-in bed.  And it will go really well with the colors in there.  So I’m back to square one with a nursery light.  But we are hoping to find a pendant light.  We really like this gray and white number, but we are heading to a local lighting store this week to get a little more inspiration.

The only other item we have officially purchased was a true bargain.  We found this antique rocking chair on Craigslist for $25.  We debated on the need for a glider chair in the nursery, but I’m pretty sure I will feed the baby wherever I am instead of sitting in the nursery all the time.  So Dain decided on a rocking chair since he envisions himself sitting in the nursery rocking the baby.  And he has vowed to refinish it in our awesome color scheme.

Next on our to-buy (or possibly to-make) list are window treatments.  Our neighbors basically stage a coast guard search and rescue in the back of their houses every night so a lot of light comes in from the spotlights.  Thus, we will be doing blinds and curtains to make a nice dark room for the baby.  And all it took was a trip to the Home Depot to find blinds we love.  We’re thinking of going with the Levolor Accordia Doublecell Cellular Shades.  Dain had a little sticker shock at the price compared to the traditional faux-wood blinds we are rocking now, but I think he’s coming around to how awesome these cordless shades are.  Thanks to a tip from an insider that these should be going on sale in February we are going to wait to order them, but we think they will make a nice addition to our new windows.

After our shades are ordered, it’ll be on to curtains, which we are going to attempt to make ourselves.  Then all we will need are the smaller accessories for the nursery along with all of the baby stuff that we’ll be stocking up on in the near future.  Hopefully by mid-March we’ll have all of our work done, and we’ll just be waiting around for this baby to make his or her grand entrance.


2 Comments on "Shopping Spree"

  1. Melissa says:

    A couple tips:
    1. check out they have some really go promos going at all times, right now it’s buy 3 get 1 free or a free top down bottom up option. The prices are usually better than the Levolor brand – I put 4 in our front windows and they are great, cordless bottom, but mine have short 1′ cords on the top to work the top-down feature. They’ll send free samples of the colors, cell size and thickness.
    2. Home Depot will take competitor coupons and Lowe’s has 10% off ones all over – it would at least help with the sticker shock if you went this route.

    • weheartmn says:

      Thanks for the tip Melissa. Dain is really excited about those. And we definitely take advantage of the Lowe’s coupons since Menards and Home Depot take them.


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