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Priming and Painting Trim… a lot of Trim.


Our room renovations are coming along nicely. All of the dirty demolition and building work is complete, and it’s now on to the tedious detail work. After painting, the next step is to install all of the trim. The old trim was really not salvageable so we decided to buy and install all new trim in the two rooms. We decided on getting solid pine since we were planning on painting it to match the rest of the house, and pine is significantly cheaper than most other hard woods.  And solid wood that we paint ourselves apparently meets my wife’s new chemical-free safety criteria that she has imposed on the house.

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Remodel Box?


Of course there were a few things that bugged us about our 1964 classic home when we moved in, one of which was some of the ways things were added on over the years, like phone lines and cable/internet cables. Apparently the easiest way was to just take a drill and bore a hole directly through our nice oak floors and call it a day. Every room in our house is the same way except in our basement where the cable connectors are actually in the wall…where they should be. While going over the plan with my father on our now underway room renovations, he suggested that we pick up a couple of “remodel boxes” for the cable and phone line wires. What are remodel boxes you ask? I had never heard of them either, but I now consider myself a professional remodel box installer because of how easy they are to install.

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Working on the Walls


I wrote Monday about part of the really fun weekend myself and a couple of helpers had tearing apart 3 walls in our future nursery and guest room/office. It was a very long Saturday, but we managed to get the walls demolished and put back together, and we even started to prime a few of the other walls in preparation for the final color choices that I’ll hopefully be able to get to this weekend.

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Knock ‘em down, Build ‘em up


Realizing that we only have approximately 4 1/2 months left until our new edition arrives, it was finally time to stop planning and talking about our room remodels and actually get down to business. We’ve showed you what we have in mind for our new nursery room and office/guest bedroom, but before we get to the fun stuff, we needed to do some behind the walls improvements that are a little less glamorous. I enlisted the help of my father and father in-law to assist me so we would be able to knock the majority of the hard work out in a day.

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Hot Chocolate


‘Tis the season for warm drinks. Since I can’t hit the sauce anymore, what is better than hot chocolate on a frigid Minnesota night?  Not much.  I typically make the lazy, instant hot chocolate from the package, but today I bought some fancy hot chocolate mix  from our local Penzeys Spices.  So we busted out our hot cocoa maker (an older version of this) and made ourselves some delicious winter drinks.

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From the Windows to the Walls


We’re overhauling these halls.  This weekend Dain and the dads will hit the ground running on our baby room and the office/guest bedroom.  The rough plan is to replace the sheet rock on the three exterior walls (two in the baby room, one in the office).  This will enable Dain to add proper insulation and a vapor barrier along with the newly sheet rocked walls.  Then they’ll be on to priming and painting.  With the weekend schedule set, we headed to Lowe’s last night on a paint run to save Dain a long trip out there on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Because our nearby Home Depot has yet to carry the environmentally friendly paint that puts my mind at ease.

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Baby Room Inspiration


Once you get over the fact that you will be bringing a human being home with you that you will forever be responsible for (in a good way of course), your mind turns to where you’re going to put that little nugget.  We realize a newborn doesn’t need very much right away, but we’ve been planning our nursery for a few months now in anticipation of that awesome moment when the three of us come home from the hospital.  Of course the baby will sleep with us for a few months (or more likely me since Dain will want to actually sleep), but the baby’s room is one of the items on our list that we are anxious to mark off because it is going to be so fun to work on.

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Oh Baby….We’re Expecting


We’ve known since mid-August, but we thought it was about time to share the big news on the blog: that we are expecting our first baby in late April.  We are over the moon excited.  And totally freaked out.  All at the same time.  Which is why we waited 13 weeks to tell most of our friends and family and until we hit the halfway mark (20 weeks) to finally share it on the blog.  We’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit as of late, but it has all been due to our impending nugget as we affectionately call him or her.  We’ve actually been busier than ever, but now we can share all of our nursery plans in the upcoming weeks since that has moved to the top of our priority list this winter.  Along with dozens of other things before the nugget arrives of course.

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