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Life is a Highway


As we shared last night, we finally bought a new car.  We both got nearly ten years out of our previous cars.  We sold mine last spring, and now it was time to unload Dain’s car since it didn’t have a lot of life left in it.  And it felt like a go cart driving down the highway, which makes even people who don’t get motion sickness start to feel a little queasy.

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Coming Soon…


To a garage near us.  This past weekend was a little busier than normal thanks to a surprise. Albeit not a totally unexpected surprise.  More like a ticking time bomb that finally went off.  Earlier in the spring, we told you about how we became a one car family here. And that works out great until your one car finally clinks out, which ours did last week.  This past weekend we spent some of Friday night and all day Saturday shopping for a new car and the rest of the time researching cars. It no longer made financial sense to fix our “Red Rocket,” a Mazda Protege that I bought used after I graduated from college, so we decided to trade her in and move on up. Our quest for a new ride just ended less than 2 hours ago after a fairly long and drawn out bargaining process, but we successfully got the car we wanted at the price we wanted.

We apologize for our blogging blip, but we’ll tell you more about our whole buying process tomorrow after we pick it up.

Lazy Pie


Ever feel like making a super easy dessert?  Look no further than lazy pie.  I started making this in college because it is cheap and fairly figure friendly.  And it really could not be easier.  Let the laziness begin.

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Doing Laundry….In Style


When we moved into our house, the laundry room in the basement was completely unfinished (much like our furnace room that Dain has been busy insulating and man-decorating).  Last fall Dain insulated it and added drywall, and we painted the floors gray and the walls a very bright color that basically screams “get excited to do some laundry.”  It was a huge improvement, especially when it came to the bearable factor in the winter because before that was done, it was an icebox in there.  Now it is nice and toasty, but it’s not quite finished.  We added a new utility sink (that was a huge improvement from the 1964 model), new gas lines, a countertop with undermount cabinets, a laundry organizer, and a few large shelves for storage.  But as always, there are still projects in there.  The most obvious is the need for a ceiling and new lighting with the next most pressing issue being finding a way to maximize the space for our needs.  We put on our thinking caps, and here’s where we are at.

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Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition


It’s back, and we’re moving on to the fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge.  Once again, it is hosted by Sherry at Young House Love and Katie over at Bower Power along with new hostesses Ana from Ana White and Erin at House of Earnest.  A big thanks to these ladies for inspiring us to once again make something that we have pinned on Pinterest because I look at Pinterest on a daily basis (whether I’m adding pins or not).  It is ridiculously inspiring to look at all the beautiful pictures and clever ideas, and it has become an addiction.  For the summer challenge, we made some scrabble art, and this time we are back with a different kind of art.

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Custom Built Workbench


Last week we did a couple of posts about insulating our furnace room closet walls (that you can catch up on here and here).  After all the insulation and plywood was in place, I started to plan and take measurements for built in shelves. While measuring I realized that there was enough room for the solid wood table that I got for the affordable price of $5.00 a couple of years ago. The table came with metal legs, but the only problem with our furnace room is that the floor is very uneven in the corner, so I decided to take off the legs and custom build a frame for it. This also made it possible to make it a higher counter top height of 36 inches, and now I am one step closer to having my tool cave complete.

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