Laundry Room Switcheroo


A few weeks ago we gave you a mini tour of our brightly colored laundry room (here) and laid out a few plans that we have for the winter to make it a touch more functional and user friendly.  And just the other day we started by adding in a shelf above our washer and dryer and a new pull out trash can in one of our cabinets (which you can catch up on here and here if you missed it).  Well Dain was back at it again tonight with another small task on our big list.

It may only be a small step towards our laundry room improvement project, but every bit counts. You might remember where these cabinets and table top were located. We had them right next to our dryer, so close in fact that when you opened either the dryer or cabinet door they would hit each other. To avoid this problem, Dain had the idea of switching this system with our wire shelf where we hoard all of our kitchen gadgets that don’t fit upstairs.

The wire shelf doesn’t come out nearly as far, and it leaves more room to access the water softener and store the vacuum cleaner, mops, broom, and ironing board.  It’s not currently the most organized system, but we are working on fixing that too.

Moving the cabinets and counter top wasn’t easy, but Dain was able to get it over to the other wall without taking it apart.

The next step was to make sure everything was level and stable. In its old spot, it required some major shim adjustments due to the ridiculously uneven floor in our laundry room. Its new location wasn’t as big of a problem, but it still required a little finessing. Dain used a combination of plywood strips and thinner paint sticks to even everything out.

The switcheroo has already made a big difference in utilizing the space in the room. But we’ll probably see how it works for a little while before we commit to hanging wall cabinets like these above the counter top.

It’s kind of a pain when you think you know the perfect spot for something only to find out a while later that it would work a lot better someplace else. Seems like it happens a lot, but I guess that’s all part of being a DIYer.

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