Tweaking the Garage


For our new wheels of course.  What needed to be done?  For starters, we needed to make a little more room since the Subaru is a good deal larger than our old car.  But we also learned last night that opening the back hatch of our new car would result in hitting the garage door when it was open.  Not good.  But fear not, Dain and a trip to the Home Depot are all we needed to rectify our minor problem.

We were super excited to get our car home last night, but all it took was pulling in the garage to realize that we’d have to make room for our new ride.  Even after I moved a bike and directed Dain in, we were pretty darn close to the garage door.

And we were even closer to the door once we opened our hatchback.  So close that we couldn’t even open it all the way.  We thought to ourselves that it would be no big deal, but then we thought better of it.  Of course there would be times when we wanted to pull into our own garage and open the back instead of having to pull into the driveway to do it.

So we swung by the Home Depot on our way home from work tonight to pick up a few supplies to fix the problem.  We didn’t really know what we were looking for.  At first, Dain wanted to get some insulated tape for sealing doors and windows during the winter because he knew it was cold resistant.  But I nixed that after seeing the $8.67 price tag for each package.  We moved on to the plumbing section where we luckily stumbled upon this foam made for insulating pipes.  At the awesome price of 97 cents each.  Bingo.  We picked up two of those, and once we got home, Dain added a knife and a few kinds of tape to his supply arsenal.

The foam comes with a scored cut down the side and the easiest way to get it the rest of the way open is to use a utility knife.

Then he carefully wrapped it against all of those metal pieces that could scratch the car. Surprisingly it was such a tight fit that tape wasn’t necessary to hold it tight against the door.

He wrapped the hinges and the metal handle for manually opening the garage door.

This solved our problem, but even more importantly, clearing out the garage made it disappear.  We hung our bikes for the winter along with the wheelbarrow to make more room.  Now we can pull into the garage quite a bit further, and we even have room to open all the car doors.  But it’s good to have that foam there in case we ever forget.

It’s amazing how the small things never stop coming. It turned out that we only used one of the 6′ foam tubes, but don’t worry because I have a plan for the spare one.  I’ve been seeing this photo on Pinterest for months (originally from here).

Now we have a reason to make a wreath.  Perhaps for the holidays.  Since apparently plumbing tubing from the Depot is where it’s at for affordable homemade wreaths.  In the meantime, we’ll be busy breaking in our new car.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    our hatch opens all the way with slight clearance, but as the garage door slides down around the corner, it quickly angles toward the hatch. so be doubly careful to not have one of you open the hatch as the other (unknowingly, in my defense) hits the “Close the garage door” button. I assure you, it will make a loud metal-on-metal grinding noise before everything stops moving. There was surprisingly no damage; i think in part to the new opener motor that has a “stop on resistance” feature.

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