Coming Soon…


To a garage near us.  This past weekend was a little busier than normal thanks to a surprise. Albeit not a totally unexpected surprise.  More like a ticking time bomb that finally went off.  Earlier in the spring, we told you about how we became a one car family here. And that works out great until your one car finally clinks out, which ours did last week.  This past weekend we spent some of Friday night and all day Saturday shopping for a new car and the rest of the time researching cars. It no longer made financial sense to fix our “Red Rocket,” a Mazda Protege that I bought used after I graduated from college, so we decided to trade her in and move on up. Our quest for a new ride just ended less than 2 hours ago after a fairly long and drawn out bargaining process, but we successfully got the car we wanted at the price we wanted.

We apologize for our blogging blip, but we’ll tell you more about our whole buying process tomorrow after we pick it up.

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