Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition


It’s back, and we’re moving on to the fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge.  Once again, it is hosted by Sherry at Young House Love and Katie over at Bower Power along with new hostesses Ana from Ana White and Erin at House of Earnest.  A big thanks to these ladies for inspiring us to once again make something that we have pinned on Pinterest because I look at Pinterest on a daily basis (whether I’m adding pins or not).  It is ridiculously inspiring to look at all the beautiful pictures and clever ideas, and it has become an addiction.  For the summer challenge, we made some scrabble art, and this time we are back with a different kind of art.

Dain and I have been talking about adding custom canvases in our living room for almost a year now.  But we’ve taken approximately zero steps in that direction past talking about it.  Until now that it is.  We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on these so we tried to find something that was interesting and unique without breaking the bank.  Luckily, we already had a few canvases lying around to choose from along with a whole bunch of paint if we went that route.  We scoured Pinterest, and here are our favorite inspiration pieces.

This one is done on a canvas with masking tape and spray paint to make a sort of abstract line design (originally from here).

This design was cut out of vinyl with a vinyl cutter and then the canvas around it was also spray painted (originally from here).

We got started a little late (as in last night after work) for anything with custom vinyl, but we do love that look.  Instead, we headed to our go-to craft store, Michaels, to see what would inspire us.  I was kind of looking for some kind of bird stickers to do a birds on a wire design, but we struck out there.  But luckily Dain came up with the idea to do a starry night theme with trees.  He found foam tree stickers, and we picked out star stickers for the sky for a total of just under $6.  Then we headed home to break out our painter’s tape, canvas, and black spray paint that we already had.

After dinner, Dain got to it.  He started with a blank 11×14 canvas, and he made the sky sparkle on the top of the canvas (that we decided to position vertically).  He carefully placed the shimmery star stickers throughout the canvas using his x-acto knife.

We chose this pack at Michaels because it had over 100 stars of varying sizes.  It was a bonus that all of the stickers were 50% off yesterday.

Dain used the painter’s tape to make the “earth” at the bottom of the canvas as well as the moon.  Then he added the foam trees along the bottom.

He staggered the trees to give them dimension and make it appear that they are in the background and foreground after they are peeled off.

After all of his sticker work, he took it outside to give it a nice coat of black spray paint.  After a little bit of drying and a few minutes with a hair dryer to make it go a little faster, we peeled back the stickers to reveal our starry night.

Pretty cool, huh?  We thought so. And it will look nice against our gray walls in the living room.  We have just the spot for it to the left of our closet near our front door.  We only did one since we wanted to test it out, but now that we know this method works, the possibilities are endless.  As in, this girl may have birds on a wire coming to a wall near her soon.  For now, we’ll be delighting in our whimsical piece.  What about you?  Have you made anything off of Pinterest lately or have you been up to any other crafting?  We’d love to hear about it.


13 Comments on "Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition"

  1. I love it! I’d love to use it as a Christmas decoration!

  2. Melissa says:

    This is awesome! I pinned this before I even finished reading the tutorial. I love the idea of using the stickers to make great shapes… I feel very inspired!

  3. Whitney says:

    What an awesome idea!!! You have inspired me :)

  4. Ahhh. This is adorable. I want to make one for Christmas!

  5. Tamsyn says:

    This is really fun, I love it!! I thought Christmas too when I saw it :)

  6. Karen says:

    Fabulous job! You so captured the brightness and darkness of a beautiful winter scene.

  7. Wheels says:

    This is so awesome! Were the stickers hard to peel off?

  8. Snow says:

    Hi. Have to tell you I am obsessed with this & could not wait to try. Planned to give one to my very best friends because it is just so beautiful, but…………… tried to do it yesterday, was very happy with the way things looked- took it outside & spray painted & let dry overnight. Got home from work & pulled all stickers off & the paint had bled under every single one. So disappointed- tried to make sure all were sticking well but obviously I did something wrong- any suggestions?

    • weheartmn says:

      The only thing that I can think of is that you may have sprayed too much at one time. With spray paint it’s good to do multiple thin coats 5-10 minutes apart so each coat has time to set a little bit. I think the can probably says to wait 15-20 minutes in-between coats, but I’ve never waited that long before and it seems to work fine. I hope that helps. Good luck if you try it again, and let us know how how it turns out.

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