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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


How lovely are your branches?  Pretty darn lovely if I do say so myself.  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We were lucky enough to have a nice and relaxing extended weekend, but we didn’t waste any time moving on to my favorite holiday once we got home.  Is it a tad early to be buying a real tree?  Perhaps, but it just makes me so darn happy to have that fresh Christmas tree smell in the house that we couldn’t resist picking one up yesterday despite the fact that it isn’t even December yet.  We realize we may be the only couple in America who shops around for a Christmas tree, but that was us hitting three places before pulling the trigger.  Saving $50 was worth it though, and now we have a beautiful Fraser Fir decking out our living room.

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One small step toward our vision


Almost every year around the holidays I usually take a little extra time off of work to start a larger project around the house, and it will inevitably drag on for longer than expected and cost approximately double the original estimate that sold my amazingly understanding wife on the idea. I’m happy to say that this year will be no exception. Tonight, I had my Dad over for a little planning, and to persuade him to donate a little bit of his time to help me out.

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In Case of Emergency (Car Edition)


Our first snowfall over the weekend made us realize that we had yet to move any of our “car supplies” into our new car.  As in, we didn’t even have an ice scraper in the car.  Luckily, our defrost is awesome so we got away with it, but it won’t always be like that.  So we decided to go through all of our supplies that have been sitting in the garage and put together an emergency kit for the car.  Hopefully we’ll never need it, but it’s always better to be prepared.

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Spicy Peanut Noodles


We love ourselves some Asian flavors in this household so we thought we’d share one of our favorite noodle dishes.  It also happens to be pretty easy since that’s how we roll.  And it makes for great leftovers which is always a bonus.  The recipe originally came from a magazine, and I’ve been toting it around for years tweaking it here and there.  It is actually vegan, but it tastes great with shrimp too if you’re looking for a little more protein.

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Laundry Room Switcheroo


A few weeks ago we gave you a mini tour of our brightly colored laundry room (here) and laid out a few plans that we have for the winter to make it a touch more functional and user friendly.  And just the other day we started by adding in a shelf above our washer and dryer and a new pull out trash can in one of our cabinets (which you can catch up on here and here if you missed it).  Well Dain was back at it again tonight with another small task on our big list.

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Wherefore Art Thou Winter?


When it’s the middle of November and the temperature reaches 60 degrees, us Minnesotans do not take it for granted because it only happens once every couple of years. Usually we are basking in the beginning of the winter weather by now.  One year ago (yesterday) we were already blanketed by 8 inches of fluffy white snow on the ground. And from that we learned a few lessons…like don’t wait until there is a foot of snow and it’s 5 degrees outside to put up your Christmas lights.  In that vein, we spent most of this past weekend outside knocking off chores getting our yard and house ready for the winter and my favorite holiday season.

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One Shelf in the Right Direction


Since we don’t have the time (or the funds) to finish our laundry room in one big push, we are determined to take it one step at a time (as we outlined here). With some of those steps being very small.  Like this one.  But even if it is one shelf at a time, it makes a difference.  Thanks to $13 in brackets and a repurposed shelf that we already had, we have just a little more organization in our work-in-progress of a laundry room.

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Tortilla Roll-Ups


We’ve been so busy with work and buying our new car that we haven’t made too many awesome meals this week.  As in zero.  But we did take time to make one of our favorite snacks tonight that will tide us over for the weekend.  Tortilla Roll-Ups.  A classic appetizer that is always a crowd pleaser.

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10 Minutes Later


Plus one year.  That is approximately how long it took to install the pull out garbage can in our laundry room cabinet. Apparently we like to keep the easiest projects on the back burner in this house.  And by we, I’m totally just referring to Dain.  I mentioned it to him quite a few times (which he loved), but after months of looking at the box for it, its moment of glory came tonight.  Marking things off our list left and right.

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Tweaking the Garage


For our new wheels of course.  What needed to be done?  For starters, we needed to make a little more room since the Subaru is a good deal larger than our old car.  But we also learned last night that opening the back hatch of our new car would result in hitting the garage door when it was open.  Not good.  But fear not, Dain and a trip to the Home Depot are all we needed to rectify our minor problem.

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