Ready for Next Year


Now that the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees this week, our seemingly never ending sun porch projects have almost come to an end. Just in time for….next year.  Today Dain put the finishing touches on the baseboards and trim, cleaned everything, and put our bistro set back in its home under our candle lanterns.  It’s looking very whimsical in there, and we are looking forward to the day when we can enjoy a cocktail in there with the sun shining in.

Dain began his work today by sanding smooth the nail holes that he filled after installing all of the baseboards and trim around the sliding glass door.

Then he used a brush and the same Decorator White paint that we used on the window trim to paint one coat over all of the wood filler. After that, he used a combination of the brush and a small foam roller to give one final coat to all of the new trim.

And it is looking pretty good.  To recap our summer progress, we primed and painted the window trim, painted the walls with a few coats of Mango Madness, stenciled the ceiling with a Moroccan pattern, tiled the floor, installed new baseboards throughout and trim around the sliding glass door, and installed curtain rods and curtains.

And it is a huge improvement over where we started (with nasty carpet and completely unfinished windows and walls.)

We had a lot of other projects going on throughout the summer, but we kept knocking out a few sections of this room one at a time. We didn’t get as far on it as we hoped, but we are pretty happy with where we are at with it.

The room desperately needs a rug and a little more decoration.  And we also have plans to build in a mini-bar counter and a bench because the slope is so severe in here that anything we buy would be tilted.  But with built-ins, we can hopefully compensate for that problem and provide a little more seating and storage.  Now we are on to our winter projects: insulating our furnace room and creating a light and airy guest bedroom and office combo.

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