Welcome to Marrakesh


In Minnesota that is.  We’ve been going for a Moroccan-ish theme for our sun room, and we added our first decorative touches last night thanks to our favorite Swedish warehouse.  It was a small step in finishing our plan, but it really helped to create the atmosphere we are going for….cozy, funky, and perhaps a little whimsical.  Or something like that.  All thanks to a few lanterns and the glow of candlelight.

We actually hit up Ikea back in July (which we posted about here).  While there, we kept our eyes peeled for some sun room inspiration.  Nothing spoke to us upstairs, but downstairs in the decor we found these Rotera lanterns.  They are not quite as fabulous as the ones we added to our inspiration board back in May, but at a fraction of the cost, we think they look pretty darn good.  We also grabbed a big pack of tea lights in fun colors at Ikea, and a few nights ago at the Home Depot, we picked up chain and hooks to affix our lanterns to the ceiling.

Why the ceiling?  Well, we don’t actually have electricity in our sun room, and we thought it would be a cool alternative to an overhead light.  Dain and I mulled over the placement for awhile, and then Dain got to business.  He started by using a stud finder to hunt down a few studs since he thought it would be easier to hang and more secure if two of them could be in studs.  Once he found those, he marked the spots for the holes with a pencil, and then he drilled three little holes.

The two holes that hit the studs were ready to go since he could just screw the hooks into those, but the third hole needed a little wall anchor to make it secure.

After the holes were set, Dain screwed in the hooks.  Then we decided the height we wanted them to be at.  Once we made a decision, Dain bent the chain to separate it into 3 different lengths. Then he bent the hooks at each end with a needle nose pliers to make a nice little hanger.

We do have six lanterns, but we started with three because we aren’t quite sure where we’re going to put the others yet.  These three, however, sit above our little bistro table that we’re going to work into our new scheme so we don’t have to buy a new table.  Ignoring the view from the windows (which we are going to cover soon), we love them.

And we love them even more with candles in them.  Although on further thought, we will probably use the battery operated tea lights just for safety in the future.  But it creates a very cozy atmosphere.

As for the other three, we are debating whether to hang them here and make it a grouping of six or whether to hang them in another group of three in a different corner after we work out the rest of the furniture.  It obviously won’t provide a ton of light, but it would be enough to enjoy dinner out here as it starts to get darker earlier and earlier.

For now, we are just enjoying the start of a new vibe out here.  Our loftier goal is to put in a retaining wall and tall fence so we can’t see our neighbor’s yard and garage from our sun room, but our window coverings will help with that in the short term.  As for those bigger plans for our indoor/outdoor space, a girl can dream.  About next spring.  Since that is our new target date for that work.  As for the sun room, we’re on to trim and curtains next.

3 Comments on "Welcome to Marrakesh"

  1. katie says:

    Looks awesome, guys!

  2. Gail says:

    When will your Moroccan-themed party be held?? MIL

  3. Josie says:

    so pretty, I need to be more creative with paint colors and with decorating…..and I want an invite to your Moroccan party!

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