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9 Months?


Yep. That’s how long Dain has been making a creative thing.  Every. Single. Day.  For nine months and counting.  It is exhausting….for both of us at times.  But he’s committed to the project and posting them all on his other blog.  We told you about the premise back in May here.  But in honor of Foodie Friday on the ol’ blog, we thought we’d share some of his food inspired creative things. Continue reading →

Goodbye Baseball


For this year at least.  Of course, the playoffs will proceed without us, but it’s not quite the same when your team has been out of it for awhile now.  It was a rough season for our beloved Twins to say the least.  Back on opening day, we had so much hope after last year, but it wasn’t meant to be as we slowly saw the season slip away.  And then it just got ugly.  But that didn’t stop us from heading out to the game last night for closing day.  We mostly went because we didn’t want to waste our tickets (that we bought back in April sure that we’d be in the playoff hunt come September), but it was still fun to say goodbye to the season in person. Continue reading →

Baseboard Installation…a.k.a. Sun Room Fun


Because the sun room hits keep coming. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? We are getting there, but we still have deets to share. Nothing really all that exiting today, but it’s another step towards completing our summer turned fall project.  And we’re still hoping to enjoy it for at least a couple of days before it turns from a sun room into an ice cave. Fingers crossed. Continue reading →

Fall Plant Replacement


Now that most of us here in Minnesota have already had a minor freeze a couple of weeks back, the color in all of our gardens has started to fade quickly. Which is exactly when Minnesotans head to our local home improvement stores and pick up a couple gallons of hardy mums to re-energize our gardens and give them a little more oomph as we go into fall. Continue reading →

Guest Bedroom and Office Preparation


We’ll call it first time home excitement. You know that feeling you get when you finally own your own place and realize you can do anything you want to it? As in paint for the first time ever since apartments ban such personality.  Well with us it did start with painting a couple of rooms…including our super colorful office that makes my dad gag.  It has two walls painted in a bright berry color, and the other two walls are covered in bright tangerine. Don’t get us wrong, we love the colors, and it has been a very fun room to have.  It was our “travel room” with all of our memorabilia from our trips, including African artwork, a mask from Samoa, and a coconut lamp from Mexico. But of course things change and now we want to make this room a little more shall we say sophisticated.  And functional.  Here’s where we’re headed.

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Happy First Day of Fall


It’s official.  Fall is here.  Some of you may be dreading it, but we are ready for it to be here already.  Yes, it gets dark really early, and it starts to get really cold.  But we live for the change of seasons around here.  So how do we celebrate the momentous occasion?  With a fall treat of course.  Caramel apples to be exact.  While we’ve certainly eaten one or two before, this was our first crack at making them ourselves, and we are marking it off as a success.

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Covering Up A Few Flaws


Because we all have flaws right? Unfortunately, Dain won’t let me write about those kind of flaws (even though I did take a psychology class once).  So we’ll stick to our stucco woes.  That we are still having.  I cannot wait for the day when our house is not clad in stucco.  Since that might be awhile, we’re stuck dealing with it.  Our major stucco project was patching the side of our house when our concrete staircase came out, and now the stucco drama has migrated to the sun room.  As in ugly stucco gaps in full view.  Thankfully Dain had a plan.

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Welcome to Marrakesh


In Minnesota that is.  We’ve been going for a Moroccan-ish theme for our sun room, and we added our first decorative touches last night thanks to our favorite Swedish warehouse.  It was a small step in finishing our plan, but it really helped to create the atmosphere we are going for….cozy, funky, and perhaps a little whimsical.  Or something like that.  All thanks to a few lanterns and the glow of candlelight.

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Embracing Autumn


We are welcoming in fall a little early around here by decking out our house with some autumnal decor.  The summer was fun, but we are ready for Friday, the official first day of fall, and everything that comes with it.  Cozy sweaters, crisp air, and the changing leaves.  Last week we hit the upper 30s with a sneak peak of what we’re in for soon, and we loved it.  Supposedly it’s going to warm up again later this week, but that’s not stopping us from switching over a few little decorative touches.  Goodbye air conditioning.  Hello pumpkins.

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Stenciled Ceiling is in the House


Finally.  You may remember the stenciling mishap we had a few weekends back.  Well, it was disheartening to have to paint over a large portion of Dain’s hard work, but it had to be done in order to make the ceiling look fabulous. And it was worth it in the end because we are loving our Moroccan print Turkish Teal.  Dain’s neck will probably be sore for a few days, but no pain no gain right?  Easy for me to say.  I have a feeling this will be our one and only ceiling masterpiece, but walls (that I envision striped in the near future) will now seem so much easier.

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