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That’s right.  In case you didn’t know.  Room and Board, the high-end, trendy, and incredible furniture manufacturer is not only straight up Minnesotan, but it has an outlet store. A few miles from our house. I die.  While I dream of the day that we can waltz into the regular store and buy something retail, I would probably kill someone who spilled a drop of wine on a sofa that cost me $4,798.00 (like this one).  So to avoid all of that, we stalk the outlet store.  And it finally paid off with the deal of a lifetime.  Does it exactly match anything we own? No.  Is it it the right proportions for our petite house?  No.  Was it amazingly luscious and $880 off the original price?  Yes and yes.  We pounced.

The Room & Board Outlet is located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays.  People line up about 45 minutes before the store even opens at 10 on a Saturday morning just for the chance to get a glimpse of an amazing deal before the hoards of people that come in the door every weekend.

What’s the appeal?  Well besides incredibly designed furniture, it is meticulously manufactured furniture that is often hand-crafted by family businesses.  And most of it can be customized to your needs.  They have everything from sofas and patio furniture to beds, desks, and dining tables.  90% of which comes from the U.S. of A.  Their website lists where each piece is manufactured, and they provide this map (found here) showing where their product comes from.

And that is cool and all, but what reels you in is the design.  Awe-inspiring beautiful furniture.  The thought of which makes me drool a little bit.  So when we found out about the outlet a few years ago, we had to go.  And we proceeded to go on a regular basis looking for a living room sofa.  We looked and looked but still couldn’t crack into our price range.  We ended up getting our sofa at the Macy’s Home Store in Edina on sale.  Then we stopped our weekly pilgrimage to the outlet, until a few weeks ago when we popped in “just to look.” Famous last words.  Little did we know we would walk out with the biggest score ever.

The store is located in a warehouse off of a nondescript frontage road, which they secretly stock chock-full of gorgeous furniture at to-die-for prices every weekend.  Some of it is “scratch and dent” so to speak but many pieces are just overstocks or custom orders that didn’t work out.

They have everything from sofas and beds to dressers, dining tables, chairs, rugs, and lamps.

They also sell tabletops, which we also check out in hopes of finding the perfect piece with which to make a custom coffee table.  The prices are amazing for marble and granite and solid wood pieces.  You can also order Room & Board bases from the regular store too if you can’t find a DIY way to make a table happen.

I particularly love the marble tops so hopefully we will someday find a perfect sized piece on one of our trips.

As an example of the amazing deals, they have sofas like this Holden Sectional that is regularly $3,797.00 marked down to $1,899.99.  Incredible savings.

Back to our deal.  You typically can’t even find a throw pillow for $69.99 here, but we are convinced we found the best deal in the whole store when we came upon a chair for that very price.  Marked down from $950.  Oh. My. God.  I promptly sat in it and hid the tag while Dain frantically ran around looking for a sales associate.  Because people have been known to fight over bargains at this joint.  Even if it does mean risking a scuff or two to their Louis Vuitton loafers.

Finally someone helped us, and she was incredibly nice.  She told us that she couldn’t believe it hadn’t already sold because it was the best deal she’d ever seen while working there.  She said it was also one of the lowest chairs she’s ever seen and that it must have been part of a custom order that went to the factory and was subsequently canceled since there were no visible blemishes.  Well their loss is our gain.  Once you have your labeled sold tag on it, it’s yours and you can breathe easier.  That is until you start to think about out how to get it home.  The delivery fee is a flat $79, which obviously wasn’t going to happen.  Pay more for delivery than for the piece?  Not this couple.  So we crossed our fingers, beared the quizzical looks from the loading dock staff, and smushed it in the Red Rocket.  Just barely fit.  But it did.  Meaning it was meant to be.

You must be thinking that there’s a catch right?  Well, there is of course.  It’s a one-armed chair.  Huh?  One arm.  That’s right.  It’s obviously meant to slide up to a sofa, but fear not.  We have plans for it.  Here it is in all its glory.  Our slate colored Metro arm (less) chair.

And here is a rough idea of what we are thinking of doing with it.

It is quite possibly the most comfortable chair ever with its lush, velour-like fabric.  We fight over it.  Literally.  I have tried to permanently call it since I saw it first, but Dain is just as in love, especially when we roll one of our little ottomans up to it and make it a lounger.  We need another one.  The only problem is that it would cost us $950 to get one.  Which will never ever happen.  So what are we going to do with it?  Well build a side table to match the other arm of course. Right now we are thinking this odd sized end table could house drawers or a flip up top to make it more functional. We are currently on the prowl for something we can re-purpose, or we may end up just building it from scratch.  For now we are just busy loving it. Now spill on your bargains. We love hearing about a good deal.

8 Comments on "Room and Board…..Outlet"

  1. Kelly Jo says:

    I had no idea there was an outlet!! Love your blog- just found it. I am also in MN- Mankato to be exact.

    • weheartmn says:

      Hey Kelly, thanks for reading our blog. We had the same reaction when we found out about it. Be warned though, it can become a weekend stalking ritual.

  2. your dad says:

    Rachel and Dain: You were snookered. You claim that there is no defect or blemish. However, I looked at the photo. It is defective. It is missing one of the arms. There should be two, not one. Please consult me in the future before you buy furniture. LD

    • weheartmn says:

      Thanks for the offer. Hopefully that means that if you approve you will also help us get it back to our house.


  3. Gail says:

    nice deal…Mom

  4. Paula in MN says:

    I’m also in MN – up by Mille Lacs. I’m older than the two of you and until 8 years ago lived in St. Paul my entire life. I never knew about the outlet! My wallet does not thank you.

  5. Tamsyn says:

    Well done, I love hearing about a great bargain. I can’t believe how much you saved on this :)

  6. I realize you posted this a while ago but can I just say I am jealous?!!! That is so fun and what an awesome find! I’d be stalking that place and probably not buying anything since we’re broke. I do have that $20 grey rug from IKEA too though!

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