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Goodbye Tree, Hello Humongous Stump


Of course our treetastrophe last week struck less than 48 hours before we were scheduled to go on vacation, which had us in even more of a frenzy since we knew we had to take care of it before we left.  You know, so our neighbor could see out her back windows and use her yard.  Unfortunately, the company we settled on couldn’t make it out until last Thursday, the day that we were scheduled to leave our house around 4:30 in the a.m. to catch a flight to Seattle.  They told us that no one needed to be here, but we felt like someone should be in case a) they didn’t show up or b) there was some kind of problem.  We basically just wanted the peace of mind factor so we enlisted a trusty assistant: my mom.  Who was nice enough to drive up from Rochester for the day to be our house sitter/ blog assistant since you know we needed pictures.  Here’s what went down (literally) in our absence.

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Summer in Seattle


We’ve been putting off house projects over this past weekend to enjoy a little vacation in Washington.  What have we been up to out here?  Well, our trip started and ended in Seattle with a jaunt to Mount Rainier in the middle.  And we picked a good time to come since it has been sunny and gorgeous, which we hear is rare for the area.  One place we couldn’t pass up is the Pike Place Market near the waterfront, where we ambled up and down the booths ogling the fresh fish, flowers, and produce. Continue reading →

Yes, We Are Still Working on Our Sun Porch


I don’t think it probably takes most people four or five months to redo a 10 x 10 room, but welcome to our world.  Our sun porch revamp has quite possibly been the longest project ever, for us at least.  There’s no real excuse or explanation other than it hasn’t been a priority.  But we have been working on it.  Seriously.  What do we have to report?  Painted window trim, a purchased stencil for the ceiling, and two options for ceiling paint colors.

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Rainbow Cakes in a Jar


Yes, you can make layered rainbow cakes in mason jars because when you have kids in your life (two nieces and two nephews) you are drawn to create fun and colorful desserts.  Ok, I’m lying.  We totally just wanted to make these for ourselves since we love ourselves some cake.  Especially pretty cake.  That we keep seeing on Pinterest.  But we did make these for those little rugrats too, and they seemed to like them so score one for the best aunt and uncle ever.  At least we like to think so.  Let us introduce you to our version of the rainbow cake (albeit not as pretty as those ones on Pinterest that must be photoshopped).  Continue reading →

Goldrushing It


We thought we’d let you in on a little Southeastern Minnesota secret in case you don’t already know: Goldrush.  Not of the actually mining gold variety.  More like the antique mining variety.  Goldrush is one of the largest antique shows in the Midwest that occurs every year on the third weekend in August.  It’s been going strong since 1972, and it draws in hoards of treasure seekers looking for that perfect old find.  You missed it this year, but there’s always next year.  We made it there over the weekend and while we did not bring home any treasures, we had a lot of fun looking. Continue reading →

When Treetastrophe Strikes


I often joke about the joys of homeownership.  Surprise.  You have to take out a huge concrete staircase because someone attached it to your foundation (recap here).  Surprise. You have sewer water in your basement (recap here).  But the latest one circa yesterday was a doozie.  As in surprise, the humongous tree in your yard cracked in half and fell on your neighbor’s yard.  Seriously homeownership gods? What did we ever do to you?  The theme of all of these unfortunate events we’ve experienced in our house is that they are not only very inconvenient but very expensive to take care of.  This one takes the cake by far.  Sad face. Continue reading →

Rock the Garden


Early in the summer, we did a lot of sprucing up in our front yard (with our landscaping, container garden, and front garden).  Then we just kind of let it ride.  With all of our rain and humidity, our container garden is overflowing, and our plants are loving life.  There’s not too much more we needed to do, but given the opportunity to visit the farm of a family friend this weekend and pick out some rocks for our garden, we had to jump at it.  Thanks to that, we now have three new additions that give our landscaping that extra something. Continue reading →

Tiling the Sun Porch: Part 2


Sundays are apparently our designated tiling days.  Last Sunday Dain set the tiles (in Part 1), and this Sunday he was back at it with the grouting.  We might have the most fun weekends of any young couple ever.  Maybe.  According to Dain, grouting is the most stressful part of tiling since you have to hustle to make it look nice in the end.  Luckily this one wasn’t as complicated as our last grouting job on our bathroom floor and shower, so he jumped right in yesterday making quick work of yet another tedious project that was bound to leave marks on his legs from those gnarly velcro straps on his kneepads.  The perils of a DIY homeowner I guess. Continue reading →

Fondue? More Like Fun-due.


What?  You haven’t made fondue lately?  Well then you are missing out.  On absolute cheesy decadence.  I routinely chuckle to myself when I read through people’s wedding registries and see all sorts of kitchen gadgets that nobody needs and nobody uses.  Like fondue pots.  But of course there we were at Macy’s last summer manning the scanner gun when I couldn’t stop myself.  Beep.  One fondue pot.  Because I like fondue.  It’s a very 70′s thing to own, but just like magic, someone gave it to us for our wedding.  And we finally took it for a spin.  After the first taste of ooey gooey goodness we honestly don’t know why it took us so long to test it out.

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Now You Can Come Over…


Since we have our hand towel cubbies completed of course.  Before you would have had to dry your hands on a community towel atop the vanity.  BORING. As we told you yesterday (here), it took a little longer than expected as many things around here do.  But after an incredibly fun Wednesday night of sanding, filling, and painting, Dain has completed his bathroom masterpiece.  It now happily hangs on our wall waiting for the guests to arrive….since we obviously won’t use it for ourselves.  Unless we really need a pick-me-up maybe.  Here’s what it took to complete this little beauty.

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