Living Room Frame Gallery. Done and Done.


At least for now.  We’ve shared our plan and our process over the past few weeks, and now that we have officially completed our original frame wall layout, it’s inevitable that we need even more frames to take it all the way up and over.  Mostly because we love it, and it is kind of addicting.  We sort of randomly chose things to go on our wall, but now that I step back and look at it, it is a true reflection of us and some of the most important aspects of our lives: each other, family, travel and adventure, humor, and a few things that we just like.  Enough said.

Here’s what we started with (after we painted the wall in Benjamin Moore’s Soft Chinchilla over the winter).

We finally got our act together after months of staring at a blank wall, and here’s what it looked like while we were deciding on a layout.

After a whole lot of framing and a few trips to Michaels and one to Ikea over the weekend, here it is in all of its colorful glory.

Can you see what we mean about needing more frames?  Yep, we’re going to add frames to cover the whole blue wall (all the way down the wall behind the lamp and across the hallway overhang).  We also may switch out a few of the photos, but we are pretty into it for the time being.   I can’t help but check it out every time I walk down the hall.

Ironically last year for our wedding we received the piece of art that sits front and center from friends of ours.  It’s a map of the U.S. with a heart on Minnesota.  Of course now it is very fitting for our little blog so we love it even more.  If that was even possible.  Because we love ourselves a map.  Our wedding invitations and reception even had a subtle map theme.

Speaking of our wedding, it’s still pretty fresh in our minds since it hasn’t even been a year yet and because we devoted last summer to planning it.  We loved our wedding photos (by Scott Bacon Photography), but except for ordering a few for Christmas gifts for family members, we had yet to really frame any or display them in our home.  So of course the frame wall was a good place to start.  We put together a little shadow box with a few photos, our wedding program, the back of our save-the-date (which were Minnesota maps), a pressed penny (that we put on our invitations), a cut-out from one of our napkins, and a stamp from our invitation (complete with one of our photos of rocks on the shore of Lake Superior).

We also used a little shadow box to display the “heart rock” from our wedding day.  We took photos right on the shore of Lake Superior, and my dad ended up finding it while we were on the beach that day.  We took it as a sign…of either true love or my dad’s total domination in finding cool rocks.  Dain surrounded the heart rock with smaller rocks (that were also used as part of the table decor at our cocktail hour) to create a sentimental piece.

We also couldn’t help framing one of our favorite shots from our reception.  Champagne with a cherry?  Yes, please.  That’s how we roll (and by we I totally just mean me…Dain is a lot less frou-frou with his drink choices).

Travel is something else that is important to us and that we have been incredibly lucky to experience throughout our relationship.  We used a little shadow box to display some of our foreign money.  I had a master plan to make a resin coffee table out of all of my foreign money that was derailed two years ago when my apartment was set on fire by my neighbor while I was out of town (seriously) and the crispy remains were subsequently looted by thieves.  Long story.  I’ll spare you the details (that still enrage me like it was yesterday), but I lost all of my foreign money.  So this assortment is mostly Euros and Croatian Kuna from a recent trip.  Not quite as cool as Tanzanian currency, but it works.

A small painting of Venice bought from a street artist also made the cut.

And of course our Kilimanjaro trip had to be included.  This frame was on clearance at Michaels so we couldn’t resist.  We spray painted it white from its original brown, and it makes the perfect little home for this patch we picked up in Tanzania after we made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The wall is also home to a few things that just make us laugh, like the best birthday card ever.  Unfortunately even we do not know anyone who is good-humored enough to receive a birthday card calling them “fluffy” without the possibility of them taking it the wrong way.  But if we ever do meet that person, we can easily remove it from the frame.  For now, it cracks us up.

The littlest frame on the wall is another that was spray painted white from black.  The content is from the front of a birthday card that I actually received.  This type is on the front and a simple “wtf?” was on the inside.  It was from my brother and his girlfriend, and I love it.  Do you get it?  SERIOUSLY?

Since we had a lot of real estate to work with, we also added a bookmark with a quote, and we printed out one of my favorite quotes ever from E. E. Cummings.

Our Cloud Cult poster also made it onto the wall.  Luckily, Michaels had a poster frame in this exact size so we just spray painted it white and didn’t even have to worry about a mat.

There are also a bunch of photos in the mix.  Dain’s favorite is one of the two of us with a dolphin……not a real dolphin but a person dressed up as a dolphin taken as we were exiting a cruise ship.  Dain was shocked that I stopped for this photo-op since normally I avoid crap like that at all costs.  I must have been off my game that day.  It is the epitome of cheesiness, but that’s why it’s so funny.  In the shots of the whole wall you can see that we also have some family photos and a couple more of us.

And there you have it.  Our lives translated onto one wall with a whole lot of frames.  There’s more to come when we manage to plaster the entire space, and we plan to change it along with our lives with updated photos and new art as we acquire it.  For now, we are busy delighting in our bang-up job….and working on a lot of other projects around our casa.


13 Comments on "Living Room Frame Gallery. Done and Done."

  1. Abbie says:

    It looks really great guys! It was also great seeing you both this last weekend! Good luck with your next project! :0)

  2. Anita says:

    I love it! I’ve wanted to do something like that here at our little place, but since the walls are plaster and we’re renting, the hubby doesn’t think it’s such a good idea! Your’s is quite lovely and I am especially fond of the little wedding shadowbox! Too sweet!

    • weheartmn says:

      Thanks Anita. We always hung pictures on the wall when we were renting, but we always checked with the landlord first. Maybe they would be ok with it since a lot of places patch and paint in between tenants. It never hurts to ask.


  3. Josie says:

    I love your frame wall! I have so many pictures and treasures (including rocks) that I’ve been holding onto and don’t know exactly what to do with. Thanks for the ideas. Now I’m excited!!!

    • weheartmn says:

      You’re welcome Josie. You could do one just with amazing pictures of your four little rugrats. That would be so cute.

  4. Jean says:

    Hmmm… when I get sick of Rochester, can I just move in with you guys? I want my world to look like this. Miss you!

    • weheartmn says:

      Yes you can. Just wait until we finish our guest house in the backyard, and you will have awesome digs. And we’ll put up a little frame wall for you in the cottage.

  5. Me says:


    I probably would have centered the whole frame gallery behing the couch (maybe even half a foot inwards).

    But it looks great like this.

    • weheartmn says:

      We did think of that, but then we liked it so much that we decided to go whole-wall. Hopefully we’ll share that sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Chrissy says:

    Hey, great wall post! The hardest part for me is always making the layout of the frames look nice and even. Love what you did. Any idea where I can get a map with a heart of MY state? ;-)

  7. Chrissy says:

    No way! I can’t believe you found this- I already searched Etsy and came up with nothin. I am SO getting North Carolina one, except w a bull. (I live in the Bull city, i guess this would make no sense to you.) thx friend.

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