A Shout Out to Veterans


We just wanted to say a special thank you to all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country.  We are forever grateful to those whose lives were lost fighting in the wars of our country as well as to the families that currently have loved ones serving in the military.  While most of us only hear about it on the news, the men and women in active service and their families are fighting every day and bear the burden for the rest of us.

Over this Memorial Day weekend, we took the opportunity to stop at the Soldier’s Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester, Minnesota.

This memorial commemorates men and women who died during their service as well as all veterans.  One of Dain’s grandfathers as well as both of my grandfathers served during World War II.  Both of my grandfathers served in the navy and have pavers in their names at the memorial.

So we thank them and everyone else who has served our country.  We hope you were all able to enjoy some family time over the holiday weekend.

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